Cardboard Fox at Stonehaven Folk Club

24 Feb - 24 Feb 2017

Winners of the 2015 Spiral Earth Award for Best Debut,  Cardboard Fox are an exciting new four piece with a fast growing fan base.  In May 2016, the band followed up on the success of their EP by releasing their first full album ‘Out of Mind’.

All four musicians have their roots in bluegrass music but their collective influences reach much further and this shows in their music. Formed in late 2013 in Bath, the band features the sibling harmonies of Charlotte and Laura Carrivick (the Carrivick Sisters) on guitar/vocals and fiddle/vocals respectively, the extraordinary talents of young mandolin player Joe Tozer and the driving and technically demanding double bass playing and harmony vocals of John Breese. With a focus on original songs with a strong pop sensibility and energetic live shows, this is a group of musicians who are very, very excited about what this line up can create and that’s what makes this acoustic quartet so special.


Community Centre, Bath Street, Stonehaven