Save the Dates! Fiddling for Stepdance Workshops - with Karen Steven

22 Sep - 20 Oct 2018
1030 - 1600


Fiddling for Stepdance: Booking will open soon for two workshops with Karen Steven, Saturday 22nd September and Saturday 20th October. Each class will focus on different material.

Karen’s ability to teach fiddling for stepdance has been strongly influenced by her background as a highland dancer, having gained her teaching qualification in 1988. A trip to Cape Breton Island in 1986 was her first exposure to stepdancing. Learning some steps and subsequently, attending fiddle workshops with Buddy MacMaster and Alasdair Fraser to study the right kind of fiddle style, meant that Karen could combine her love of both fiddle and dance as the 2 go hand-in-hand. Karen enjoys equally the challenge of teaching and performing.

These fiddle workshops will focus on learning strathspeys and reels. Tuition will be ‘by ear’ and will include lots of bowing and left-hand ornamentation to compliment the melodies. Karen will explain why the techniques are used and how to do them. There will be plenty of opportunity for questions and further explanation, according to the needs of the group. Karen is experienced in teaching a variety of different levels of fiddle player and can recognise the various teaching styles that work for students.

A fun and very practical class, Karen will focus on as much opportunity for fiddlers to play their instrument as possible, with sheet music provided to take away and recordings available at two different practice tempos - sent by email to participants, following the workshop.


The workshops will take place at the MacRobert Building, Room MR055.