Songwriting Workshop with Jenny Sturgeon

05 Mar - 05 Mar 2017
14:00 - 16:00

Other Music Promotions, SC&T and Musicrange are delighted to be hosting this songwriting workshop by the excellent Jenny Sturgeon.

Jenny is an acclaimed singer-songwriter from Aberdeenshire, her passion for music lies in her interest in traditional folk music combined with the enjoyment of creating new compositions. The inspiration for her lyrics comes from folklore, historical events and personal experience, and her enthusiasm for nature creeps in to all her work. 

This workshop will provide you with tools and techniques for songwriting including offering new approaches and ideas for lyrics and melody. The workshop is open to all ages and levels of experience - you don't have to have written a song before or play an instrument (however, if you do play an instrument please bring it along!).

Venue: Musicrange, 12 Shoe Lane, Aberdeen.

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