Trad Guitar Workshop with Ewan MacPherson

05 Mar - 05 Mar 2017
14:00 - 16:00

Trad Guitar Workshop with Ewan MacPherson:

A dynamic and versatile musician Ewan has received critical acclaim for his work with a number of groups across the scottish music scene. As a founder member of Fribo he developed a unique sound fusing Scottish, Norwegian and World music and worked to combine folk and electronic music with RoughCoastAudio which premiered at Celtic Connections in 2011. A skilled multi instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter and producer, Ewan now performs with Shooglenifty, Salt House, and in his own right, launching his most recent album ‘Fetch’ in 2016.

Exploring methods, techniques and ideas for guitar accompaniment in traditional music. Using standard and 'open C' tuning CGCGCD. Participants will be able to explore new ways to approach accompaniment and expand their own creativity when playing music with others. Participants should have some chord & rhythm skills plus an interest in traditional music helpful.

Workshop hosted by Other Music Promotions, SC&T and Musicrange. 

Venue - Musicrange, 12 Shoe Lane, Aberdeen.

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