Bodhran 0

Bodhran 0 with Claire Hawes

Tuesday, 7pm-9pm 

MacRobert Building, Aberdeen University

SC&T Adult Autumn Term 2022


Bodhran lessons for beginner players on Tuesdays from 7-9pm with a break for chilling and a chat!
Come along to learn how to play jigs, reels and other types of Scottish and Irish tunes. You will also learn how to play in sessions and about different techniques including tone and sticking.

SC&T are using an online platform called Thinkific to support all our classes this term. Thinkific is an online platform where participants can find all supporting lesson material, recordings and music in one place and sign up for the weekly classes.

Price for the term is: £100 - this can be paid in one lump sum when you sign up, or in 3 monthly instalments of £33.33 - you can choose your preference when you sign up.

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