SC&T Youth Ballad School Workshops 3
Week 3 of the Ballad School workshops with Iona Fyfe and Dr.Tom McKean
Sign up - https://scatyouth.thinkific.com/.
Youth, Parents & Carers Consultation
Tuesday 2nd November, 7:45pm Youth and Parents & Carers Consultation As we start to plan for SC&T Youth 2022/23, it's very important to us that the project is led by the young people taking part and their parents.We would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and start a discussion about the project so far and any future ideas. Come along on Tuesday 2nd November at 7:45pm for a short informal chat on Zoom.
SC&T and SC&T Youth Concert/ Session
Join SC&T and SC&T Youth for an afternoon of fantastic performances from participants and tutors of SC&T Adult and Youth weekly classes.