Classes start 13th January - remember to sign up to get your discount!

12 Jan

We are delighted that our spring term is about to start. Don't forget to sign up for your class this week to make sure you get the early bird discount. Prices increase by on Wednesday evening after all the first week classes have been held. As well as receiving a discount by signing up this week you will also help to ensure that your class will run as decisions around class viability take place at the end of the first week. All of our classes ran last term apart from one and we would like to do at least as well this time.

You can book your class online from this website or come along on the first night of class and pay by card, cheque or card. Come along a few minutes early if you have not already paid to allow time to register. 

Please do recommend SC&T to your friends, family, colleagues. Most of our participants come to SC&T by word of mouth so please keep talking!

Look forward to seeing you this term.

All the best