Thinkific FAQ's

Thinkific FAQ’s

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Q: Where can I find the link to the Thinkific website? 

A: Here! There is now only one website! It also might be useful to save these as a bookmark on your browser. 


Q: How do I log in? 

A: You’ll find the ‘Sign In’ button at the top right hand corner of the Thinkific homepage. Use the same email and password you used to sign up to your SC&T Class.


Q: What do I do if I’ve forgotten my password?

A: Click ‘Forgot Password?’ on the sign in page. If you’re still struggling to log on, email and we can give you a hand. 


Q: How do I find my course?

A: Click ‘My Dashboard’ on the top right hand corner of the Thinkific home page. This should then show you all the classes you’re enrolled in. 


Q: How do I find the Zoom link for my class? 

A: Find your class on ‘My Dashboard’ and click to open it. (If you haven’t already, please fill out the registration form as you won’t be able to access the Zoom code without it.) Down the left hand side is all the lessons for the term. Find ‘Chapter 1’ and then click on ‘Information Document’. Download the PDF to find your Zoom link. 


Q: I haven’t had a confirmation email from Thinkific?

A: Please check your junk box if you can’t find your confirmation email. If you still can’t find anything please email us at If you’re worried you’re not enrolled in a course, check your ‘Student Dashboard’ on Thinkific. If the course is there, that means you’re definitely enrolled.