Kenny Hadden

Kenny is one of the 4 original “SC&T” tutors, and has taught classes in both whistle and flute since the organisation began.

He started learning traditional music in the early 1970s when at school in Blairgowrie, with Dougie MacLean among others, teaching himself to play mandolin, guitar and whistle. He was lucky enough to come across a 'simple-system' wooden flute in an Aberdeen junk-shop around that time, and was one of the pioneers in re-introducing the instrument to traditional music in Scotland, and is currently undertaking his own research into the history of the flute in Scottish traditional music.

Kenny is now a professional musician, teaching privately, and also leading the beginners / intermediate flute class with SC&T. Kenny also co-hosts “The Wednesday Session” programme of traditional and folk music on local community radio station “SHMU FM” [ which can be heard online through the station’s website  -  see link below].

2 “Youtube” clips  :
1 – with “Ceolbeg” – Aberdeen University Folk Club 1984
2 – on stage at “The Lemon Tree” – 2001