Whistle 0/1

2020 08 14 19 26 44


Pete Saunders – whistle - Wednesday

What - Whistle 0-1 some previous experience preferred but complete beginners can be accommodated - perhaps at a different time at least to start with.  A whistle in the key of D is required and access to a computer with a webcam or smartphone.

I cover a wide range of topics from how to hold the whistle, fingering, rhythm, learning tunes, reading the music, playing by ear, whistle tablature, musicality and introducing ornamentation.  

This is carried out mainly through using well known songs and commonly heard traditional tunes.  The overriding principle is to learn through fun.

How - 2 hr group lessons on Zoom, files will be shared on Google Drive, communication will be by email (Complete beginners may be a weekly 1 hr class to go over the basics).  Participants also record themselves on video from time to time to get individual feedback and to allow group videos to be created.

How much - I recognise that some people are in a difficult situation right now so I am operating on a pay what you can basis - preferred payment is by PayPal but direct payment is also an option, use the SCaT pricing of £10 per week as a guideline.

Contact pwms@btinternet.com to join.