Small Pipes

david wilson


Small pipes - David Wilson - Tuesday evening, approx. 1hr 20mins from 1930 on Zoom

The class will learn tunes and technique different to the pipe band teaching environment

and repertoire; more traditional and aural. The emphasis is on playing tunes with strong

rhythm, with less focus on technique except what is necessary to make the tune work. This

means different ways of playing the same tune is encouraged, variations and harmony

welcomed, standardisation absolutely not the aim. While complete beginners can join in,

the class is more suited to those with at least some piping competence or ability on other

instruments. Tunes are taught by ear with participants encouraged to sing, and dots

usually provided after class for reference. The small pipes used are concert pitch A (440

Hz) either mouth or bellows blown. A practice chanter pitched at A can also be used.

Please make sure you have access to an instrument in A, not B flat!

10 weeks, £7 to £10 per class depending on numbers, minimum and maximum class size

will apply so the class may not run if insufficient numbers subscribe.

David Wilson, contact 07809 434111 by text or WhatsApp or email