Mixed Instruments - Listen, Sing, Play

david wilson


Mixed Instrument Listen Sing Play – David Wilson (Monday evening approx. 1hr 20mins from 1930 on Zoom)

Learn tunes by ear and develop the ability to play to your internal voice. This key music

skill removes the need to have the dots in front of you. Learning and playing only what the

dots say, does not give you any sense of melody, structure or expression. However if you

listen, and learn to sing a new tune, soon it becomes easier to play and faster to learn.

This class is open to players of any instrument (concert pitch A 440 Hz), at any level of

proficiency. We will learn tunes slowly so everyone can keep up and learn phrases by ear.

You will be on mute most of the time so no-one else can hear you sing or play so you can

go for it! Once you start to sing it will be easier to translate onto your instrument.

Repeating the tune many times will reinforce the melody and repeating the process of

listening, singing and then playing new tunes improves your internal voice and connects

your fingers to that voice. Please note this is not a singing class, you may feel you cannot

sing a note and that is fine - the class is aiming to make learning new material easier.

10 weeks, £7 to £10 per class depending on numbers, minimum and maximum class size

will apply so the class may not run if insufficient numbers subscribe.

David Wilson, contact 07809 434111 by text or WhatsApp or email d2000ddw@gmail.com