Ukulele Tricky Tuesday

john kearns 

John Kearns - Ukulele, Tricky Tuesday Class - Tuesday, 6-6:30pm

Ukulele Tricky Tuesday is a series of half-hour Zoom sessions between 6 - 6.30pm on a Tuesday 

These short sessions are aimed at intermediate-level Uke players who would like to work on syncopated strum patterns, non-standard time signatures, fingerstyle patterns and single-note riffs.

These short sessions are intended to introduce some (hopefully all) of these concepts. We will also provide emailed song-sheets/mp3’s and WhatsApp video clips to help underpin learnings during term-time and enable continued practice after the end of term.

Participants need to have downloaded the free Zoom app onto the device that you intend to use for attending the class (you don’t need the full paid-for Zoom app). 

To get the most from these sessions, there is an expectation that participants will have the time to work on these materials individually at home between classes.

Any questions or queries, contact;