Common Tunes Autumn Term 2018

06 Oct 2018
  • Farewell to Banchory, by Gavin Marwick

Here is a recording of Gavin playing this beautiful air: 



  •  Paddy's Hat, By Davy Cattanach

A fine hornpipe from SC&T tutor Davy Cattanach. Here is Davy playing the tune:



  • Ode to Ollon, by Laura Harrington

Here is a recording of Laura playing this lovely waltz. Laura tutors the Session Melody class at SC&T.



  • Oatcakes at 2 O'Clock

Helen Lynch plays a slowed down practice version Alistair Duthie's jig here.



  • Donald's Heel and Feather

Helen Lynch pays a slowed down practice version of a jig from SC&T tutor John Kearns



These tunes can all be found in the Aberdeen Collection:250 Contemporary Scottish Tunes in Traditional Style book.

Available here.