SC&T Common Tunes

Participants' Concerts usually finish with a stramash where all can join in. For this it is useful to give some advance notice of the tunes to be played and songs to be sung. These are known as the SC&T Common Tunes.

Autumn 2019:

Set 1: Castle Dangerous (3/4 retreat march by James Haugh)  &  Miss Sally Hunter of Thurston (6/8 jig by Nathaniel Gow)

Set 2: Cooper's Hornpipe (4/4 hornpipe, traditional) & Maxwell's Rant (4/4 march, traditional)

Song:  Duncan Gray (Song)



Autumn 2015:

1) March- Strathspey and Reel: Miss E.C. Dickson’s March (in D) by Karen Steven; The Duke of Gordon’s Birthday (in G), William Marshall, and Claire’s Trip to Whangerei (in A) by Frances Wilkins

2) Lynne Houston’s Waltz by Robbie Leask (in A)  and Wilderness Brae by Carol Anderson (in D). Hope they’re useful. 

3) The Smuggler, song by The McCalmans