ABOUT US - What is SC&T Youth?

Since 1997, the overarching purpose of Scottish Culture and Traditions (SC&T) is to advance the education of the public in Scottish culture and traditions. This is achieved by promoting and celebrating Scottish traditional music, song, and dance through engaging, participatory learning experience. The main aim is to instil a sense of community, enthusiasm, and enjoyment among participants.

SC&T Youth, as an integral part of SC&T, extends this mission to youth aged 6-26 in the North East of Scotland. Launched in 2019, the year round programme of both online and in person activities is dedicated to providing exciting, inclusive high quality opportunities for youth to connect with Scottish traditional music. These opportunities span from very beginners to advanced players.

A vibrant community full of like minded young folk has grown over the years with the youth and their ideas very much at the heart of SC&T Youth. The programme includes the following strands:

  • SC&T Youth Weekly Performance Group
  • Performances
  • Weekly Beginner Instrumental Classes
  • Summer Youth Camp (with Mini Camp and also a residential option!)
  • Workshops/Masterclasses
  • Taster Sessions


Thanks to our main funder, Creative Scotland, and our fantastic local partners and sponsors, all of our SC&T Youth activities are completely FREE which allows us to be as accessible as possible for young people and their families.

who is it for?

Three fiddle players seated in a row

SC&T Youth provides a dynamic and inclusive space for young people aged 6-26, offering a wide range of activities throughout the year to cater to different age groups and ability levels.

Tailored events include the Mini Camp, a delightful introduction to Scottish traditional music designed for 6-8 year olds, fostering a nurturing environment where young people are inspired and enthused by our musical culture and traditions.

For participants aged 9-18, the Youth Camp offers an immersive and educational experience, providing a platform to deepen their musical interests while fostering connections with like minded peers.

Special workshops and events for young people aged 16-26 create unique opportunities for musical exploration and expression whilst also facilitating a safe space for youth to come together and share their creativity.

The weekly classes and performance group are open to those aged 7 years and above, serving as a consistent and supportive learning environment for individuals at different stages of their musical journey. These regular sessions not only enhance musical abilities but also encourage friendship and collaboration among young musicians.

Our taster sessions are often family friendly so open to all ages!

SC&T Youth takes great pride in its commitment to celebrating and accommodating varying age and ability levels, fostering an inclusive and accessible environment for everyone involved.

If you’re reading this and think, hooray, I’d love to be involved, but you’re out-with our age range, SC&T have a fantastic range of activities for adults too! Head back to the homepage of our website and click on the adult classes this time for more information.

What impact does SC&T Youth have?

Reaching Communities Through Music

  • Weekly Classes Participants: 50
  • Weekly Group Participants: 55
  • Youth Camp Participants: 170
  • Workshop Participants: 100
  • Children in Aberdeen City Schools – 500
  • The Big Gig participants: 140
  • Taster Session Participants: 100
  • College and University Students: 75
  • Volunteers: 50
  • Tutors and Musicians: 55
  • Partners and Sponsors: 20
  • Performances (Audiences): 3,500
  • Total Beneficiaries in the next year: 4,815


At SC&T Youth, our reach extends far beyond the music played and the lessons learned. With a diverse range of activities, events, and partnerships, we are proud to touch the lives of over 4,815 individuals in the coming year with more partnerships and events on the horizon which will increase this number further. From weekly classes and group sessions to our Youth Camp, workshops, and school engagements, our commitment to fostering a love for and the preservation of Scottish traditional music creates a ripple effect that resonates throughout communities. Together, we are building connections, nurturing talents, and sharing the joy of Scottish traditional music with individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Thank you for being part of our musical journey!

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Levels Explained

What does level 1 2 3 mean?

These relate to the ability and level the class is aimed at:

0 = Complete beginner – no experience of your instrument.

1 = Beginner – Have only been playing for a short time.  

2 = Intermediate – Have been playing for a while and can play some tunes

3 = Advanced – Can play and learn tunes competently 

0/1, 1/2, 2/3 etc = Both levels are accommodated

No level indicated = This course is open to all levels but some experience is recommended.