Youth Workshops

SC&T Youth Workshops

SC&T Youth offer a range of high quality workshops throughout the year. 

These range from being online as well as in person. 

We have a really exciting programme of Workshops scheduled for 2023. 

All workshops suitable for young folk up to age 26.

We have a selection of REALLY exciting online workshops coming up focussing on Styles and Skills. 

Sunday 16th April 2023: Styles workshops: (For Intermediate/ Advanced Players)

2:30pm – 4pm: DANISH with Ditte Fromsier

4:30pm – 6pm: QUEBECOIS with Claude Methe

6:30pm – 8pm: GALICIAN with Alfonso Franco 


Sunday 30th April 2023: Skills workshops: (For Beginner – Advanced Players)

in partnership with Traditional Music and Song Association of Scotland (TMSA Aberdeen))

2:30pm – 4pm: Basic Improvisation with Matt Carmichael

4:30pm – 6pm: Playing by Ear with Jenna Reid

6:30pm – 8pm: Strengthening your Singing with Hannah Rarity

Head to for further details and sign up or email if you have any questions.


Levels Explained

What does level 1 2 3 mean?

These relate to the ability and level the class is aimed at:

0 = Complete beginner – no experience of your instrument.

1 = Beginner – Have only been playing for a short time.  

2 = Intermediate – Have been playing for a while and can play some tunes

3 = Advanced – Can play and learn tunes competently 

No level indicated = This course is open to all levels but some experience is recommended.