Youth Camp

Youth Camp

Taking place in the heart of Aberdeen, the SC&T Youth Camp is a multifaceted and immersive experience that is made up of three distinct parts, each tailored to meet the needs and interests of the various age groups and skill levels:

Mini Camp:

  • Designed for participants aged 6-8.
  • Focused on Scots song, penny whistle, rhythm, and musical games.
  • An introductory and playful musical experience for the youngest enthusiasts.

Main Camp:

  • Open to individuals aged 9-18.
  • Offers a comprehensive 5-day programme with a wide range of classes.
  • Classes include beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels in fiddle, Scots and Gaelic song, guitar, rhythm, penny whistle, clarsach, piano, and chanter/pipes.
  • Free provision of penny whistles and drumsticks.
  • Free use of instruments from the SC&T instrument bank.

Residential Option:

  • Available for young people aged 11-18.
  • Whilst attending the main Youth Camp, participants have the option to stay residentially at Hillhead Halls of Residence for a set fee.
  • Provides a unique opportunity for an immersive experience and extended engagement with their peers. 

These three components collectively contribute to making the SC&T Youth Camp a diverse and inclusive event, accommodating different age groups and skill levels. The camp not only focuses on musical education but also places a strong emphasis on fostering friendships, building a sense of community, and celebrating our unique Scottish traditional music heritage. The combination of the Mini Camp, Main Camp, and Residential Option creates a well-rounded and memorable experience for all, making the SC&T Youth Camp a highlight of the annual calendar for young musicians, tutors, and volunteers alike!

We do offer a limited number of tutor shadowing roles at the Youth Camp for newly graduated students/folk interested in working in community music so please do send us an email at if you would like to be involved further.

Levels Explained

What does level 1 2 3 mean?

These relate to the ability and level the class is aimed at:

0 = Complete beginner – no experience of your instrument.

1 = Beginner – Have only been playing for a short time.  

2 = Intermediate – Have been playing for a while and can play some tunes

3 = Advanced – Can play and learn tunes competently 

0/1, 1/2, 2/3 etc = Both levels are accommodated

No level indicated = This course is open to all levels but some experience is recommended.