Performance Opportunities

SC&T Youth performance opportunities

The weekly performance group stands as a testament to the thriving and vibrant community of young musicians, where young talents come together to share and learn about Scottish traditional music.  It’s not just about playing instruments; it’s about collaboration, learning, and the joy that comes from creating music together. The dedication and talent exhibited by the group make their performances a truly special and enjoyable experience for everyone involved, participants and listeners alike.

Our busy spring/summer performance schedule shall be coming soon!  Keep an eye on our ‘What’s on’ page and also sign up to our newsletter to be informed of upcoming events and performances.

Levels Explained

What does level 1 2 3 mean?

These relate to the ability and level the class is aimed at:

0 = Complete beginner – no experience of your instrument.

1 = Beginner – Have only been playing for a short time.  

2 = Intermediate – Have been playing for a while and can play some tunes

3 = Advanced – Can play and learn tunes competently 

0/1, 1/2, 2/3 etc = Both levels are accommodated

No level indicated = This course is open to all levels but some experience is recommended.